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Harry Stone and The Purple Wing Running at Full Brillance

Harry T. Stone and the Puple Wing Escort Triathlons and bicycle races across the south.

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Welcome to "The Purple Wing Motos and Photos "

Please bear with us as we split our web site. Soon all moto related information will be located on and photos

Photos for the 2014 Season are

Our 2014 schedule. CLICK HERE

We are the official motorcycle crew for Team Magic. We also cover a many other races. If you need motorcycle coverage for your triathlon, bicycle road race or other bicycle event please contact us.

We can also provide commercial souvenir photography services for your event or race team. Our team of professional photographers can shoot any size event.

We provide motorcycle support for triathlons, bicycle road races and other bicycle events. We provide motorcycle transportation for race officials (Draft Marshals), provide lead motorcycles, follow and safety escort motorcycles for each race event we support with "moto" coverage. We primarily escort the bicycle portion of USAT sanctioned triathlons, but we also support road races and century rides each year.

We are committed to the safety of the race and the racers as well as working with the race officials to make each and every race fun,fair, and safe for all competitors no matter the course or race. We have more experienced moto pilots and more years experience than any other group ANYWHERE.

Please visit our blog for latest news and updates. Leave coments or post your experience with us. BLOG

Please look at our race dates for opportunities you can be a part of at different events. Whether you have ridden an event with us in the past or are only interested in working one event let us know. We have a number different race weekends that are different lengths and held in a multitude of venues.

Many questions can be answered by reading our FAQ.

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